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How Cool Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing was often considered a technology of the future, but it's real, and it's here today. IT often worried about the costs associated with deploying and managing video networks

eVident - Monitoring and Improving Your Video Network

Avaya's eVident allows enterprise-level customers to proactively ensure network readiness before and after voice and video services are deployed.

Secure Mobile Access: Is Your Organization Ready?

Protect your data, enable better collaboration and grow business. Are you prepared to empower mobile workers while minimizing company risk? Watch the video, then take the test:

Internet of Everything Economy HD

Discover the value of connections when people, process, data and things converge on the Internet of Everything

Considerations for Building or Expanding Data Centers

The skyrocketing demand for storage and networking capabilities are putting in-house and hosted data centers under greater pressure than ever before

SYSTIMAX® InstaPATCH® QUATTRO Introduction Video

InstaPATCH QUATTRO is a 10GBASE-T and 1GBASE-T cassette and trunk based connectivity solution that combines high-performance with plug-and-play simplicity for fast data center deployment and easy modification as your network needs evolve. - for more information:

StruxureWare for Data Centers - Discovering an Opportunity

Balance - the great data center challenge. On one side, there is availability, and on the other is efficiency.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Turn data into actionable business intelligence that can increase efficiencies and support decisions across your entire enterprise.

Plantronics Brings Communication All TOGETHER

With smart call routing, one-word voice command, and precision audio, the Voyager Legend headset brings people, devices and every aspect of your life together.

Plantronics Voyager Legend: Voice Command

With audio caller ID and one-word voice commands on the Plantronics Voyager Legend, there is no need to touch your phone to be productive.

Plantronics Voyager Legend: Precision Audio

The Plantronics Voyager Legend precision audio eliminates background noise, ensuring a professional conversation in any environment.

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